Super Hero Activity Book

For Kids Aged 5 - 10

By (author) J and M Publishing

Coloring, dot-to-dot, and blank comic panel pages to keep boys and girls who love superheros happy and busy for hours.

  • Great gift for kids who are interested in superheros.
  • Blank comic panel pages allow kids to create their own story.  They can become a superhero in their own comic.
  • Coloring pages of superheroes in action.
  • Dot-to-dot puzzles of superhero poses.
  • Variety of activities to keep kids interested.  
  • 60 pages of activities.

Format:     Paperback
Pages:     64
Dimensions:     8.5" x 11"
Publication Date:     2020-07-14
Author:     J and M Publishing
Imprint:     J and M Publishing
Language:     English

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