ABC Coloring and Tracing Activity Book

Preschool Alphabet Workbook For Ages 3 - 5

By (author) J and M Publishing
ABC Coloring and Tracing Activity Book helps your child learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet while assisting them in developing the motor skills to use a pencil to form letters. This is a large 8.5" x 11'' book with over 110 pages of pictures to color, upper and lower case letters to trace over, and composition lined pages for your child to practice writing letters on their own.
  • Kids learn the alphabetic while having coloring fun
  • Children practice writing upper and lowercase letters
  • Helps preschoolers improve their handwriting skills
Format:     Paperback
Pages:     120
Dimensions:     8.5" x 11"
Publication Date:     2020-08-12
Author:     J and M Publishing
Imprint:     J and M Publishing
Language:     English

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